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Anyway, I'm happy that you are here. My plan for this page has been for some time to provide as much information as i possibly can about S/Y Försöket, its adventures and of sailing in general in the baltic sea area (and beyond!).

Progress is slow though. Mostly since it's mostly me, Captain Maxi making adding information. I do, however, have some encouraging support from Oscar Svart, who has made some of the awesome graphics on this page.

My dream would be to make this place a nice discussion forum for sailing trips and whatnot. I wonder if it's even possible to keep people's interest for that amount of time? I'd love to say yes, but I think no. Anyway, this is where YOU come in. Add stuff! Talk in the forums and prepair yourself for a swashbuckeling semester onboard the pearl of värtaviken.


Captain of S/Y Försöket

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Försöket at Pampas Marina 2007


Dramatic introductionKapten MaxiEdit

"It has been a long and bloody year since the end of the Great War. While the Admiral has claimed victory, the peace that so many heroes gave their lives for has not settled on the sea. The fleets of the Baltic Pirates, though leaderless, continue the haunt the shallow waters of the sea. Vicious buccaneers attack merchant sea caravans and raid isolated towns and harbo

urs. The Royal Navies battle-weary seamen patrol the sea and shores, ever vigilant against blood-thirsty vessels intent on looting and slaughter."

-Intercepted email from the Bureau of Anti-Piracy .

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